Monday, February 28, 2011

Grayson Hill Brownstone

Grayson Hill Brownstones is one of the oldest buildings in the metro.

With six units available for rent, families of any size can move in.

Three basement one-bedroom units with small front yard

Two four-bedroom units with private backyard

and one three-bedroom unit, also with private backyard

Views from windows in my playing hood.
This lot will replace a set of modern "historical" apartments in my game, since they don't look as historical and they don't look like something the families living there would want to live in. The brownstones are more their style.

Can you tell that I really worked on the landscaping for this lot CC! Not even a maxis recolor! I checked the clean installer and for some reason, my mailbox says windkeeper (must be a hack to allow easy conversions to apartments) and the swing set in the back is listed as CC, even though it was a bonus item from Maxis. I thought it would be hard to build without any recolors at all, or CC, but it was surprisingly easy. The only CC I wish for would be a stair recolor to match the stone fencing, but after searching I couldn't find it.

I'm proud of the brownstones, they just scream "We belong in Apple Valley" which is a big deal since many of my buildings look nice, but don't scream that they belong in my playing hood. Hence, why I share them with you guys...maybe they scream your hood's name instead

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 1054-4165

Download apartment version

Custom Content Included:
- Mailbox by Windkeeper
- SwingSetWood by Maxis


  1. They actually do! They look like they'd fit in well near my brownstones. I wonder if there's any space close by.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Carla, Your brownstones are awesome. I love how you managed to get the stairs working for your brownstone.

  3. I need more lovely looking brownstones. This would fit well with some of the other brownstones I've found. Thanks so much for making and sharing these.

  4. -Choco, no worries. Hope you find a use for them in your game.

  5. Oh - I must have this!! I've tried to build such a house, but I couldn't get it quite right. This is just perfect! :)

    BTW recently it seems impossible to post comments with my blogger-ID. Does anyone recognize this? It is really annoying. I like to comment :(

  6. Nonikk63, your blogger ID is working today, it seems like a lot of bloggers are having the same issue. Hope you enjoy the download.


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